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Recent Publications

  1. PHY

    Klein, M, Ketterl, S., Engelmann, L., Kempf, A., Kobayashi, H. (2020) Regularised, parameter free scale similarity type models for Large Eddy Simulation. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 81: 108496  doi

  2. BIO

    Nagai K., Tokita K. and Nakayama F. (2020) Discovery of a novel mtDNA sequence in the Japanese Eastern buzzard. Journal of Raptor Research in press

  3. PHY

    Sugimoto N., Abe M., Kikuchi Y., Hosono A., Ando H., Takagi M., Garate-Lopez ., Lebonnois S., and Ao C.  (2020) Observing system simulation experiment for radio occultation measurements of the Venus atmosphere among small satellites. Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers A2: Applied Mechanics  in press  doi

  4. CHEM

    Segawa A., Ichijo T., Kimura N., Tsuruta K., Yoshida N., Okamoto M.  (2020)  1,3-Butadiene Production by Crotyl Alcohol Dehydration over Solid Acids and Catalyst Deactivation by Water Adsorption. J Jpn Petrol Inst 63:70-78  doi

  5. BIO

    Nagai K., Manawatthana S., Tokita K., Nualsri C., Pierce A. J., Sutasha K., Sribuarod K., Takehara K., Round P. D., Higuchi H. (2020) Genetic structure in Japanese and Thailand populations of the Japanese Sparrowhawk Accipiter gularisZoological Science in press

  6. BIO

    Nagai K., Nakayama F., Tokita K. and Kawakami K. (2019) Genetic structure and diversity of two populations of the Eastern Buzzard (Buteo japonicus japonicus and B. j. toyoshimai) in Japan.  Zoological Science 36(6): 471–478  doi

  7. PHY

    Sugimoto N., Kouyama T., Takagi M. (2019) Impact of Data Assimilation on Thermal Tides in the Case of Venus Express Wind Observation. Geophysical Research Letters 46:4573–4580  doi

  8. CHEM

    Masanobu Kamitakahara, Shohei Takahashi, Taishi Yokoi, Chihiro Inoue, Koji Ioku  (2019) Adhesion Behavior of Microorganisms Isolated from Soil on Hydroxyapatite and Other Materials. Appl Biochem Biotechnol 187:984-993  doi

  9. PHY

    Sugimoto N., Takagi M., Matsuda Y. (2019) Fully Developed Superrotation Driven by the Mean Meridional Circulation in a Venus GCM. Geophysical Research Letters 46:1776–1784  doi

  10. PHY

    Kobayashi, H., Yui, S., Tsubota, M. (2019) Numerical Study on Entrance Length in Thermal Counterflow of Superfluid 4He. Journal of Low Temperature Physics 196: 35-41  doi

  11. CHEM

    大石 毅,久保田 真理 (2019) ”環境にやさしい抽出法の学生実験への導入 ― ショウノウ単離と機器分析による同定 ―” 慶應義塾大学日吉紀要 自然科学 66:19-32

  12. PHY

    Kashimura H., Sugimoto N., Takagi M. et al. (2019) Planetary-scale streak structure reproduced in high-resolution simulations of the Venus atmosphere with a low-stability layer. Nature Communications 10: 23 (11pp) (プレスリリース)  doi

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