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Research and Education Center for Natural Sciences, Keio University


47th Public Lecture
06  February  2020  16:30-18:00

47th Public LectureIn Japanese Only

46th Public Lecture
23  October  2019  16:30-18:00

46th Public LectureIn Japanese Only

Endocrine control of innate feeding behavior in insects
45th Public Lecture
24  September  2019  16:30-18:00

45th Public LectureIn Japanese Only

35th Science Cafe
03  August  2019  15:00-16:30

35th Science CafeIn Japanese Only

Recent Publications

  1. PHY

    Ando, H., Imamura, T., Tellmann, S., Pätzold, M., Häusler, B., Sugimoto, N., Takagi, M., Sagawa, H., Limaye, S., Matsuda, Y., Choudhary, R., and Antonita, M. (2020) Thermal structure of Venus atmosphere from sub-cloud region to the mesosphere observed by radio occultation. Scientific Reports Vol.10, 3448, 7pp  doi

  2. PHY

    Klein, M, Ketterl, S., Engelmann, L., Kempf, A., Kobayashi, H. (2020) Regularised, parameter free scale similarity type models for Large Eddy Simulation. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 81: 108496  doi

  3. BIO

    Nagai K., Tokita K. and Nakayama F. (2020) Discovery of a novel mtDNA sequence in the Japanese Eastern buzzard. Journal of Raptor Research 54(3): 287-294  doi

  4. CHEM

    Segawa A., Ichijo T., Kimura N., Tsuruta K., Yoshida N., Okamoto M.  (2020)  1,3-Butadiene Production by Crotyl Alcohol Dehydration over Solid Acids and Catalyst Deactivation by Water Adsorption. J Jpn Petrol Inst 63:70-78  doi

  5. BIO

    Nagai K., Manawatthana S., Tokita K., Nualsri C., Pierce A. J., Sutasha K., Sribuarod K., Takehara K., Round P. D., Higuchi H. (2020) Genetic structure in Japanese and Thailand populations of the Japanese Sparrowhawk Accipiter gularisZoological Science 37(3): 232-239  doi

  6. PHY

    Yui, S., Kobayashi, H., Tsubota, M., Guo. W. (2020) Fully Coupled Two-Fluid Dynamics in Superfluid 4He: Anomalous Anisotropic Velocity Fluctuations in Counterflow.  Physical Review Letters 124: 155301  doi

  7. PHY

    R. Ushioda, O. Jinnouchi, K. Ishikawa, T. Sloan (2020) Search for the correction term to Fermi’s golden rule in positron annihilation.  Prog.Theor.Exp.Phys. 2020(4): 043C01  doi

  8. PHY

    Ando, H., Takagi, M., Sugimoto, N. , Sagawa, H., and Matsuda, Y.  (2020) Venusian cloud distribution simulated by a general circulation model.  Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets Vol.125, e2019JE006208  doi

  9. PHY

    Inagaki, K.,Kobayashi, H. (2020) Role of various scale-similarity models in stabilized mixed subgrid-scale model. Physics of Fluids  31: 075108  doi

  10. PHY

    K. Ishikawa, K. Nishiwaki, K. Oda (2020) Scalar scattering amplitude in the Gaussian wave-packet formalism.  Prog.Theor.Exp.Phys. 2020(10): 103B04  doi

  11. PHY

    Sugimoto, N., Fujisawa, Y., Shirasaka, M., Hosono, A., Abe, M., Ando, H., Takagi, M., and Yamamoto, M. (2021) Observing system simulation experiment to reproduce Kelvin wave in the Venus atmosphere.  Atmosphere Vol.12, No.1, 14, 16pp  doi

  12. BIO

    Fujimoto S, Suzuki AC, Ito M, Tamura T, Tsujimoto M  (2020) Marine tardigrades from Lützow-Holm Bay, East Antarctica with the description of a new species. Polar Biology 43:679–693  doi

  13. BIO

    Sugiura K, Minato H, Matsumoto M, Suzuki AC* (2020) Milnesium (Tardigrada: Apochela) in Japan: the first confirmed record of Milnesium tardigradum s.s. and description of Milnesium pacificum sp. nov. Zoological Science 37(5) : 476-495 (*Corresponding author)  doi

  14. BIO

    Gąsiorek P, Oczkowski A, Blagden B, Kristensen RM, Bartels PJ, Nelson DR, Suzuki AC, Michalczyk Ł  (2020) New Asian and Nearctic Hypechiniscus species (Heterotardigrada: Echiniscidae) signalize a pseudocryptic horn of plenty. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society zlaa110  doi

  15. HUM

    松本 榮次, 建部 昇, 安部 洋一郎, 松本 伸示 (2020) 三球儀風「月の動きと形しらべ盤」の開発,  理科教育学研究 61(1):183-191  doi